Should We Feed The Homeless?

Should We Feed The Homeless

A person is considered homeless if they lack adequate and regular roof over their heads, especially during the nights. Homelessness is a serious issue that many local authorities struggle with, in several states of the United States. The Homeless population is made up of people from all walks of life and ages. Some live at the corners of the streets, below the over passes, in abandoned houses and warehouses.

Homelessness impacts all social classes in American society.

Statistics show that there are more homeless men than women. Causes of homelessness in the United States include domestic violence, drug and substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, loss of jobs, and poverty among others. Should we feed homeless people? Yes, we should feed homeless people because they are humans, just like us. The homeless have many problems, the main one being lack of shelter to shield them from the adverse weather conditions like snow, cold winters and strong winds.

Giving a homeless person some food means that you solve one major problem in their lives. This makes it easier for their survival since they have many challenges to face.
Different jurisdictions in different states have regulations that state how you should go about feeding the homeless. Other states require that you feed the homeless people through food banks. So before you begin this charitable work, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the existing laws and regulations in your state so that you do not land in trouble with the authorities.
As a matter of fact, giving homeless people food could land you in jail. I will give you some of the many reasons you should share your food with the homeless people.

Food is a basic need:.

You and I are humans and we need the basic needs that include shelter, food, clothing and basic fundamental human rights. Homeless people too, are humans. If you cannot survive without food, what makes you think that homeless people can?

If you feel that you cannot survive without food, just now homeless people too, cannot survive without food. Homeless people can get sick easily die due to lack of food because their immune system is already weakened and compromised.

You could even go an extra mile and give them some authorized painkillers to help ease their pain since most of them endure a lot of pain from police brutality and fights among themselves. At given time and end up homeless. Should anyone of them request you to give them company as they eat, just do it. This will give them confidence of your good will since some of them have mental issues. Some feel alone and they need someone to talk to.

It is the right thing to do:

Looking out for other people in our society is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Every religion advocates that we look after our brothers and sisters, not just those with who we live, but also those who live in the streets. It can be very inhumane of you walking down the streets crunching on some photo chips, while a hungry homeless person looks on. Your guilt should tell you that the person needs something to eat too.

If you for example you operate a cafeteria that deals with fast food, you can give the food to a group of homeless people instead of throwing it away to the trash can. You may never be able to feed everyone but the few people you are able will really appreciate and this will put a smile on their faces.

We are able to appreciate what we have:

Take time to think of the healthy food at your disposal anytime that you feel hungry. Think of the warm comfortable bed that you sleep in every night. Think of the good hot shower that you take daily. Think of the job and the money that you make at the end of day or month.

Think of the education that you have and the many opportunities that you have as far as making your life better is concerned.

Then turn your mind to that person at the corner of the street you see every day. They do not get to enjoy the healthy warm food that you have. They do not have that hot bath, that warm bed, those quality medicines that you take whenever you fall sick. They do not have money to see a doctor. And the most unfortunate thing is that they do not have that hope and inspiration that things will change for better.

It is by thinking about your life and that of the homeless people and feeding them that you can learn to appreciate the good things you have, no matter how small they seem.

Tomorrow it could be you.


Never be tempted to think that things cannot turn around and get worse. There is no one who chose to be homeless. It is just that circumstances led them to the streets. Take for example the issue of domestic violence or post traumatic stress disorder. You and I can become victims at A any given time and end up homeless.
Therefore by feeding these people, you are doing what you would like do to you in the event you were to end up in the streets.
Take time to ask yourself if you could live the life they are living right now.

We get to understand the challenges facing our community:

When you take time to feed the homeless people and perhaps sit down and talk with them as they eat, you just do not get to chat, but you also get to discover several issues affecting your society.
You get to learn what made them end up in the streets, you know their names, the challenges they face in the streets, besides hunger, their relations with other homeless people, and whether they feel any hope of ever getting out of the streets someday.

With this kind of information, you will get to know what gender, age or group of people has highest number of homeless in the streets and who are most affected.
This is important information that can help you address life issues and prevent more people from becoming homeless in future. Statistics show that many army veterans end up being homeless due to post traumatic stress disorder. According to studies, they are said to represent between one fourth and one fifth of all homeless people.

We get encouragement to face life challenges:

Take a little food or whatever amount you can afford, take it to a homeless person/people and sit down with them. Let them tell you about their life from what led them there, to how they live, the challenges they face and their general view about life.

It is after this that your problems will start appearing petty. Only then, you will realize that you have so much more to be grateful for.
You will gain your hope back and will be able to face the challenges that come your way. A source of encouragement you would never have gotten, had you not fed the homeless. This is because you might be tempted to think that your life problems are the worst ever.

Can I share the food I am eating with the homeless?

It is okay to share your food with the homeless since this gives them confidence that the food is safe for human consumption. Other people may not be friendly enough to accept such food, terming it leftovers. But warm fresh food is the best. These people spend their nights in cold and they need the energy so bad.

Is it okay to give money to homeless people?

It is okay to give money to homeless people. They could use it to buy the most urgent items they need, other than food. It could be medicine, new clothes or they could still use to it to make their lives better through other means. I would recommenced using your best judgement when handing money over to a homeless individual.

Some people  elect not to give money to homeless. The reason is simple. People fear or know the money will be misused by a homeless citizen. So people opt not to give  money.

But again handing money to a homeless person is a personal choice giving money.

Apart from food, how else can I help the homeless?

There are several ways to help the homeless. You can invite them to move in with you, you could give them medicine; you can pay for their treatment, new clothes. You can also help them find a rescue center if they are kids. In addition, you can also organize a party to have them motivated and entertained. Now I would like to know who has ever feed a homeless person. If you have put a Yes in the comment section. If you have never feed a homeless person before put a no in the comment section below.

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