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In eradicating Homelessness in the United States, we have seen the existence of nongovernmental organizations. These organizations, serving as a relief system to the United States, have assisted myriads of people in addressing their homeless status. Are you willing to donate funds to these organizations?

Do you desire to know how these programs operate? Are you willing to know how you can direct a homeless person to these firms? If you answer yes to these questions, or perhaps you have another motive for reading this article, be rest assured that you will gain insight into several programs in the United States that have solved and are solving the problem of homelessness.
True, there are lots of programs in the United States that address homelessness, but in this article, we will be exploring the most reputable, famous, and best once located in the United States. It will also reveal how it works, the location of the program, the contact of the program, and finally, why the program is best for homeless people. So, let’s briefly highlight these programs.

Programs That Help Homeless Families in the United States.

As indicated in the opening paragraph, this section will only feature the best, reputable, and famous programs in the United States. Check the highlight below:

1. Volunteers of America. It helps the most vulnerable. It’s been operating for nearly 125 years. Has an extension to more than 400 communities in 46 states.
2. Housing and Homeless Program. It handles local recording surcharge funds and manages federal and state funds designated for affordable housing.
3. Mercy Housing. This nongovernmental organization provides housing and supportive services for low-income earners, people with unique needs, and many more individuals.
4. Goodwill. This organization functions differently. Money gotten or donations of new and fairly used items to Goodwill stores are utilized in financial education, mentoring, employment training, and a lot more.
For certainty, you would want more comprehensive detail about each program. But why do you need complete information? You might want to know the transparency of their system, how they welcome donations, and how they utilize the donations they receive. All these might steer your heart to want to either support these programs. Thus you can serve as a relief and help thousands of homeless individuals. Now, let’s get down to each program and explain its intricacies.

Comprehensive Detail about Programs that Help Homeless Individuals in the United States

1. Volunteers of America. As briefly highlighted in the preceding section, this program is a charity firm that steps forward always in assisting vulnerable individuals. More than a century, 125 years, they’ve undertaken some of the most daunting tasks. At Volunteers of America, their operation is indeed more than just a small nonprofit organization; they are a ministry of service that encompasses more than 16,000 paid experts that have dedicated their time to helping in rebuilding lives and reaching their maximum potential.

Their programs include healthcare and housing. And this program touches the lives of more than 1.5 million individuals in more than 400 communities spanning 46 states, including the region of Puerto Rico and Columbia every year.

From 1896 down to our time, this firm has given support to America’s more vulnerable groups. It also expanded to at-risk youths, veterans, and those who are reasonably elderly, those just returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, those recuperating from addictions, and those struggling with disabilities. A program like this does touch the heart, mind, and body of individual this firm serves.

One of their strong core values is integrating profound compassion with highly efficient services and programs. With nearly 60,000 volunteers all over the country, employees are assisted in delivering life-changing services. Yes, if you want to help, you are warmly appreciated and welcome.

Via street and mobile outreach, these organizations reach out to homeless individuals. And the moment a homeless individual is found, irrespective of his status, background or nationality, his first month’s rent is paid for, and this is followed up with supportive housing to enable them to become a productive member of the community.

They’ve figured out that without supportive services, housing isn’t always sufficient to put an end to homelessness. They’ve been able to offer incredible solutions in ending homelessness in America. They’ve provided emergency shelter, drop-in centers, permanent supportive housing, and transitional housing.

Finally, Volunteers of America is located at 1660 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314. Additionally, they could be reached at (703) 341-5000.

2. Housing and Homeless Services Program. This firm understands that stable and reliable housing is the foundation in which individuals build and enhance their lives. Thus, they provide incredible opportunities in the community to allow them to create safe housing options. Alongside the public and some other private partners, they work to eradicate homelessness.
As highlighted above, this program enables local recording surcharge funds and manages federal and state funds that are designated for affordable and several homeless housing. Well, the office isn’t meant to grant direct accommodation to those in need. Yet, they ensure a robust relationship with local providers that are working within Whatcom County.
If currently, you experience Homelessness or you encounter a person that resides in a homeless camp, then you would need resources or help. If so, the contact you would reach out to is: 360-312-3717.

Below is a list of services the housing and homeless service program run.

1. Facilitates community-extensive planning and participates in regional planning.
2. They award funds to the firm that directly helps people that are homeless or they are at risk of being homeless.
3. They update and oversee the implementation of the lab to bring an end to Homelessness.
4. They conduct annual point in time count of individuals that are homeless.
5. They function as a liaison to the Department of Commerce’s housing assistance unit.
6 Mercy Housing. This firm provides affordable and supportive services for families that are low-income earners. However, the help doesn’t end there. The firm also cares for some individuals that deserve special needs. But apart from providing these individuals with housing, they move a step further in providing them with health and wellness support. They provide a sound education for families with children; they make an individual job-ready, and enhance financial literacy.
This firm is indeed redefining what affordable and low-income housing is. Being a nonprofit organization, they are more focused on building a more humane society in the United States by eliminating poverty and ensuring that communities are healthy and every member of the community can rise to full potential. Being one of the largest affordable housing organizations, they engage in preservation, development, financing, and management of enriched housing all over the country. They acquire and renovate existing houses, and they’ve developed new affordable rental properties.
They have a strong vision, and this vision is geared at developing affordable homes and inspiring dreams as they work with partners and residents to establish healthy, inclusive, and engaged communities.
The mission of mercy housing is also to create a vibrant, healthy, and stable community by developing financing and operating affordable yet program enriched housing for folks with special needs who are unable to access quality, safe housing, and other opportunities.
Respect, being its core value, they are very attentive, considerate, and extend particular regard for the dignity of persons they found homeless, irrespective of his or her condition. Mercy, which is the program’s name, is seen in the ability of the firm to see a need and then immediately respond, not out of duty, but with compassion. Finally, they are just, in that they are impartial and fair when treating others, regardless of nationality and regions they come from.
Mercy Housing’s contact information is indicated below:
For Housing Inquires: (866) 338-0557
TTY: (800) 877-8983 or 711
Fax: (303) 830-3301
Toll-Free: (866) 338-0557
Telephone: (303) 830-3300

Additionally, they can also be reached via However, if you wish to visit them at their home office, this is their address:

1600 Broadway, Suite 2000
Denver, Colorado 80202
4. Goodwill. With its beautiful name, just like mercy housing, this nongovernmental organization is compassionate. Their mode of operation is quite different. As indicated at the onset, this organization accepts funds and faulty used items. This money raised and fairly used items are judiciously used to benefit individuals that are seriously in need. They do this through employment training, job placement services, youth mentoring, financial education, and many more. They welcome volunteering opportunities. And these opportunities include assisting veterans in building workforce skills, mentoring students, and teaching English as their second language and many more.

They help folks in enhancing their lives and assist individuals in finding a job and grow a career. But are there facts to back up this claim? Yes! In 2018, this firm served more than 35 million individuals all over the world and assisted more than 242,000 folks in training them in various disciplines. These disciplines include IT and healthcare, banking, and many more careers. Also, they get the support they needed to be successful and they are given further additional education and have free access to child care and transportation.

The mission of Goodwill is incredibly amazing. They continually work to improve people’s quality of life and dignity by empowering their communities and removing their barriers to prospect and assisting them in reaching their maximum potential through learning and other works.

Goodwill has an incredible history. Take, for instance; it was founded in Boston by Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister. Initially, when he started the collection of household goods and other articles of clothing in wealthier regions of the country, he created the Goodwill philosophy. What is it about? The philosophy is “not charity, but a chance.” What becomes of the goods he collected? They were either sold or handed over to people who would go and repair them and start using them. This continues for a very long time, and a lot of people benefitted from it. Nut after about 125 years later, Goodwill stayed a household name and started leading when it comes to this aspect of providing educational and workforce-related services. These are incredibly beneficial service that has helped a whole lot of homeless individuals.
This firm is based in Rockville, MD, on the outskirts of Washington D. C. The goodwill enterprise is undoubtedly a network of more than 150 community based, independent firms in the United States and Canada with its presence other 12 countries of the world. To meet the needs of their local communities, each local goodwill firm will design a structure and system in a way they will or address the condition of their local territory. This gives room for flexibility. The degree of needs differs from one country to country. Accurately, if you reside in the United States, you can locate them via the contact address revealed. But their large extension is good news for those who aren’t living in the United States of America.
Additionally, the local Goodwill firm is sustainable and innovative social enterprises that create employment placement, job training sessions, and several other community-based programs by selling clothes and items donated in more than 3000 stores. On their website, the locator icon can be used to get in touch if you stay outside the United States.
Also, you can put a call across to (800) GOODWILL or send a mail to email
Now that we have reviewed and examined these programs that help Homelessness in the United States. What can you do? Are you privileged? Do you have items you can donate, can you spare your fund, can you give to the poor? If you answer yes to all these questions, you are undeniably going to find real satisfaction as you practice giving.

Right, what you are giving does not necessarily have to be expensive. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you should donate bad items or clothing. Remember that these firms might have to sell the item or just give it out that way. So, it must still have a reasonable level of value.

But before you head on to any of these programs, you might come in contact with someone on the street who asked you for food or money, then what should you do? If you know a homeless person that stays on your street daily, what can you do? Well, these questions lead us to the final part of this article, where these two questions will be answered.

Questions Worth Asking Regarding Offering Help to Homeless Individuals

What Should I do If I come in contact with someone on the street who begs for food or money? This matter is strictly based on personal choice. Mr. A might decide to respond to a person who seeks or demands money or food while Mr. B will not! Well, the truth is, there is no preferred response. But there is a general rule. What could that be? When a person meets you on the street for food or money, the most helpful step to take is to encourage the person to call 211 if they own a phone. This will connect this person to a range of services. But what if the person isn’t having access to a phone, you can tell him or her, to get someone who can help in calling that number, and if you could, you might just offer to help him or her and provide relief. But what if you desire to help the homeless person you often pass by or see in front of your apartment, what can you do? That leads us to answer the next question.

What Should You do if you want to help a homeless person who you regularly pass on the arrest? You can contact the Homeless outreach services team (HOST), which provides referrals and outreach to services that have been paid for by the city of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Their hotline is 1-885-707-HOST (4678). The line is open for anyone that wants to present specific information. But what if you see a homeless person that seems like he or she is suffering from extreme weather conditions?

What Can You do if you find a homeless person who appears to be battling with heat, cold or other harsh weather? From December to March, there are homeless shelters all over the Sonoma county. And they are available during the period of intense weather. So call 211 and relate the situation, thereafter you can ask the fellow to locate the place. A single call can shed light on what should be done ultimately.


The service of a nonprofit firm can’t be neglected. These four programs highlighted and other programs not featured in this article have provided help to thousands of individuals, in fact, if not millions. Show that you care by either volunteering when these firms call for help or donating either your fund or an item. If you do, these actions will steadily and drastically reduce the number of homeless individuals throughout the united states.

If you know of any housing options for homeless families please feel free to share those resources in the comments blow this post. Please feel free to share this post across your social media platforms  that you may have. Put yourself in the shoes of a family facing homeless and share  this off-line.

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