Mission: To Help homeless citizens across the United States break the cycle of homelessness,

What set The Blog Apart:
Overcoming Homelessness is one of many personal blogs on the internet. The focus is on building awareness around the homelessness problem in America. With a goal of connecting the homeless to transitional services and get them off the streets and out of shelters. The blog founder understands the challenges of breaking the homelessness cycle. Such as affordable housing, mental illness or addictions. Issues that must be addressed before gainful employment is obtained. Therefore, the blog is an informative resource that can offer transitional service connection for homeless citizens. Helping break the cycle of homelessness.

How I can Help Now:

I will not seek out people to help. However, anyone needing my personal help can reach out to me through the “Contact Tab” on this blog. Skills I possess to help are excellent research abilities, strong written and communication skills. Combined with the unstoppable motivation to get you transitioned off the streets into a better lifestyle.