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Don’t let homelessness be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

There no explaining the feelings that go along with “becoming homeless,”-overwhelming, heaviness on one’s heart, knowing that the world that you are accustomed to is changing and you seemingly have no way to stop it. But you do have the power to make choices. That requires actions. Giving you measurable results. An amazing life is just ahead.

Glad you are here to review and look over my blogging endeavor. Together we can make an impactful difference, as you and I find a place in this space to best serve those in need of our help.

This blog is a straight-up “writing challenge” for me going forward. But I will do my best to deliver blog content answers a need and bring value to the readers and followers of this blog.

“Overcoming Homelessness-It’s Choices, Actions,Results” was meant to build awareness around the problem of homelessness in the United States, with priority given to guiding the homeless to transitional community services, and opening the door to an amazing lifestyle change.

I have a heart for the homeless because I’ve been there. After seven years in a toxic, abusive marriage, I found myself on the streets in the fall of 2017. For nine months, I slept in various places including a shelter experiencing firsthand the fear, desperation, and loneliness that is so prevalent among those who have no-where to go.

More News: My Journey To “Overcoming Homelessness”

Helping The Homeless with Passion and Skills:

Overcoming Homelessness is one of many personal blogs on the internet. The focus is on building awareness around the homelessness problem in America. While helping those facing homelessness transition away from the city streets.

With a goal of connecting the homeless to transitional services and get them off the streets and out of shelters.The blog founder understands the challenges of breaking the homelessness cycle.

Such as affordable housing, mental illness or addictions. Issues that must be addressed before gainful employment is obtained. Therefore, the blog is an informative resource that can offers transitional service connection for homeless citizens. Helping break the cycle of homelessness.

Today, I’m utilizing community resources in north Texas living in my own apartment. I collect a small disability check every month,which limits my options available to me.

Despite what I’ve been through, I still look for the good in people who cross my path in life and hope to help those who face similar difficulties. The blog allows me to do that while nurturing my passion for writing.


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