Those who have actual homes, handsome salaries, and a better way of living often comment on homeless people and consider them to be too lazy to stand up on their feet. Other than that, there are a lot of other myths associated with homeless people.
The majorly expressed myth about homeless people is that they wouldn’t be the way they are if they had a job. That is a matter of fate. Moreover, hard work which some homeless people lack. Since many people in society consider homeless people lazy.
Even for an average person, it is difficult to get a good job, and for homeless persons, it is even harder. When we talk about the concept of getting a job, let us relate to technical equipment, such as, a CPU, as your self-esteem and your legs are the other parts of the computer, which represent your home, health, moral support, financial state respectively.
If anyone of these parts dysfunctions, a lot of pressure is expected to be put on others. If more than one parts of the computer dysfunction, your computer loses its will to function.
The reason behind using this analogy to explain the concept of homeless people getting jobs is because it is a very complicated process and it contains a lot of challenges.

Can Homeless people get jobs?

First, getting a job is a personal preference, and most homeless people have two jobs. The homeless people who usually have a job take shelter from shelter houses, rented places, or on someone’s couch or garage.
It is easy for those needy people who have a roof over their heads to get a job, while those who don’t have shelter find it troublesome to get a job. The first aspect of getting a job for a homeless person is to have shelter.
There are plenty of Homeless shelters in the United States especially established for providing financial and accommodation support to the deserving. Currently, the homeless shelter industry in the United States is still under the developing stages. Another aspect related to a homeless person getting a job is cleanliness.
A homeless person must look presentable enough to even start at low-rate jobs, such as working at restaurants or coffee shops. These types of jobs require cleanliness, which not every homeless person can pull off.
According to the United States, the foremost rule of fast-food restaurants is to obey the rules of hygiene. When living in a homeless shelter, there are reliable sanitation services that are very important for people to abide the rule of cleanliness, if they want to get a job.
Sadly, those homeless people who do not have shelters upon their heads suffer from a lot of mishaps each day, and they have no facilities through which they can shower, perform laundry, or in whatever way, keep themselves clean.
However, the United States contains a lot of public toilets, showers and laundry places that are helpful for the needy people to attain cleanliness.

Job Hurdles for Homeless People

The most important part about ‘homeless people and jobs’ is that some employers do not accept unemployed applicants. A lot of companies perform downsizing, and they often eliminate the person who is the least qualified in their team of workers, which points to the homeless person.
With that said, it can be difficult to get another job after that. Some job listings particularly mention “not for unemployed.” So, regardless of the homeless person having a place to live or not, he/she will still not get employed if he/she has never worked a day in his/ her life.
It takes a lot of time for a homeless person to get a job all by himself, but in homeless shelters, jobs are given to the needy people without the need to struggle. Obviously, homeless shelters offer a lot of facilities to the poor people and offering jobs is a part of their amendment.
Here’s another aspect, most homeless people don’t even have cell phones or have cell phones but no chargers. Also, homeless people lack proper education and they often have no idea how to contact a job applicant. If homeless people do not know how to operate phones, the rest is unemployment.

Homeless People with Criminal Records

When a person becomes homeless, he gets the urge to do a lot of unethical things. In the United States, being homeless is kind of a crime or illegal. Homeless people often have a lot of criminal records due to not having money, which leads them to commit theft or severe illegal activities.
The state of being in complex is the major reason why homeless people commit crimes. So, when a homeless person has a criminal record, it is almost impossible for that person to get a job.
Most homeless people break into houses just so they can have a place to sleep at night. Even the littlest of unethical activities can turn a person into a criminal, and that has a huge effect on their job resume.
Homeless people even get charged for trespassing, falling asleep in unauthorized places, loitering, or camping. Each of these mentioned activities counts as illegal, and they can create a bigger chance for unemployment for a homeless person.
Since employers usually get ticked off when they notice criminal records; applicants that don’t contain any criminal records have a good chance of getting the job.
The sad truth about homeless people and a job is that, even if a person is lucky enough to pass a criminal record check he/she could still be a criminal or an addict if he/she is homeless. There are many jobs suitable for the homeless citizens.
However, if a homeless person wants to pursue education, this can be a major plus for him/her. If a homeless person advances his/ her education, a better job opportunity is guarantee. In the United States, begging in the streets is illegal in some cities, so the life of homeless people is no doubt, very tough.

Disabled Homeless people and Jobs:

When it comes to disabled homeless people, most of them are still trying to apply. Sadly, disabled homeless people’s job applications often denied. It takes a while for them to land a job some times.
During this time, the disabled homeless person often has nowhere to take shelter that offer special accommodations. And no income during their job search.. Other than that, it is very complicated for disabled persons to reach their required destinations for job interviews.
A disabled homeless person can’t get a job, the only assistance they receive is free food privileges. Alternatively, a small monthly check from the government. If the person even qualifies. Moreover, some homeless people do not meet disability check requirements.

Homeless people with Addictions

Not every homeless person is addicted to drugs, but most employers believe under the delusion that they are drug addicts.
Some think that drug addiction is the main cause of homelessness, which is true at some point, but there are other aspects to consider as well. Addictions create distractions for homeless people.
A lot of companies perform regular drug tests on their employees, and if any person is detected with drugs, he/she will get fired. Addictions are no doubt very dangerous, and they can transform even a good-looking person into something unrecognizable.

Homeless people and Laziness

We’ve all heard people calling homeless people lazy, but aren’t we all lazy? Sometimes, laziness isn’t the only case; not having skills is also considerable. People that say “I don’t want to work; I just want to have fun” are basically just toying with their lives.
Homeless people already suffer from a lot of unemployment problems and being lazy takes that problem to a whole new level.
A person can become homeless due to many reasons but being lazy is not a vital reason. If a homeless person feels lazy all the time, he/she can say goodbye to employment.
How much money can homeless people make with their jobs?
It is easy to get why homeless people do not get handsome salary jobs – because they are illiterate and have a lack of resources. Working at fast-food restaurants is the most ideal job for them, and they can make enough money a day to get a hold of their expenses.
Some homeless people receive $25 per hour in the United States, which is known to be a good start. Still, regardless of the pay, getting a job and fulfilling their requirements is the only thing that matters for homeless people.

Will Homelessness ever come to an end?

A lot of measures are being taken to eliminate homelessness in the United States, by performing surveys on streets every day to locate the homeless people and provide shelters and other facilities to them.
It is very complicated for homeless shelter providers to convince homeless people into living in shelters because they have a hard time trusting people.
But the condition is said to improve. The good news is, homeless people can get jobs. As many homeless people do have jobs. It is just that paycheck is not big enough to rent a place. Or pay other bills that go along with renting a place.
Please take a minute to comment. . I would definitely like to hear what you currently think on this issue.

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  1. James, thank you for the article. I am 24 years old, in my penultimate year of Medicine. Homelessness is something I really feel for and hope to make a difference to in the near-future. Know that your article has spurred me on to make change and help these lives.

    1. Pam:
      Thank you so much. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post. you are an inspiration to me!
      I sure both you and I can make a difference with the homeless population, one homeless person at at time. Wish you the best. God Bless you!

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