I have found people sleeping in the streets every night they are all homeless. Yes, they don’t have somewhere they call their home at all. An affordable home is not possible for these homeless people. These citizens wear torn dirty clothes. Do they look as if they are dangerous, but are homeless people dangerous?

When I first thought about this question, it really disturbed me a lot! I had to dig further and research if they are dangerous or not.

I came to fantastic details, and it has prompted me to write this article to help you also know if homeless people are dangerous or not.

Are homeless people dangerous? No, homeless people are like any other population. However, there are good as well as bad people within them. Homeless people are like any humans; we have a somewhere we call home. The difference is that they are vulnerable and constantly at risk.

Statistically, those undergoing homelessness are less likely to commit a crime than other members of our community are. Furthermore, homeless people are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than to commit one.

The Studies and Surveys:

In one study, conducted 2007 found out that the rate of violent crimes against the homeless in the United States is increasing. According to also another report by the National Coalition for the homeless, in 2013 in the United States there were 109 reported attacks on homeless people, and it was an increase of 24 per cent as compared to the previous year report.
Out of reported cases of those attacked eighteen of then died.

There was another report in July 2014 three boys 15, 16, and 18 were arrested. Charged with beating two homeless men to death using bricks and metal pole in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The 18 years boy was, found guilty and convicted of murder while the 15-year-old sentenced to 67 years in prison. In addition, the 16 years sentenced to 26 years in prison.  I am not saying they don’t commit crimes. But many crimes these homeless people commit are non-violent “nuisance offences” like panhandling or turnstile jumping in the subway according to the American journal of community psychology, vol.42. No.3, there was a 20018 study documented by New York University psychology student where they were examining the relationship among homelessness, mental illness and criminal activity.

Their findings say that criminal activity is not a staple characteristic of these homeless people. And it may be more accurate to think of them as people struggling to get by.
They also found that homelessness people bouncing from shelter to shelter were more likely than homelessness people living on the street to commit violent crimes like robbery and assault. The explanation to this is that people, who are homeless, is stressful. Living in close quarters with other similarly stressed individuals can lead to conflict and violence.
The habit of bouncing around from one place to place is a very stressful affair, which leads them to engage in criminal activities.

To be able to understand more if in need homeless people are dangerous, let dig further. And try to establish how homelessness comes about and realize they are good people. In this article also we will explore at the end of this article how we can help homeless people.

Should you help homeless people:

Yes, homeless people are not dangerous at all. They are human beings who are in the streets because they don’t have a home. Don’t victimize them at all. I do know there is a stigma attached to them like fear they are dangerous people.

However, it is not true; many of you fear the homeless community due to the stigma surrounding them. In one  survey, it revealed that before spending time with the homeless, many of you fear them at first. But after spending time with them, that fear is lessened and ends up despairing.

Therefore there is a need to assist these people at all means and try to end homelessness. It is a fight which we can hold hands together and conquer in the In the United States. I believe it all start when people stereotyping homeless people as dangerous and isolating them from our community.

How can you help a homeless person:

I know the United State government is doing all means to curb the increasing rate of homelessness. I think we need to be part of this war. We should join and help the government, non-governmental organizations, religious organizations or homeless ministry.

Here are some the ways you can indulge and help a homeless person:

Acknowledge and recognize homeless people. It is important to treat homeless people as human being without isolating them and term them as dangerous people.
They are part of our community, and you should make eye contact and say hi to them. However, ensure your safety is not at risk. You may take some time to converse with them. Through doing this, you will create a friendly relationship, and they will respect you. You will also put in the sense of civility and dignity.

Guide them to a charity organization or government program dedicated to catering to homeless people. There are many organizations out there focused on helping homeless people, but many of them don’t know they exist.

Take your time and explain to a homeless person or a group of any organization you know out there, which can help them. You will have helped them in a greater way rather than even giving them money.

Stand up and advocate ways to help homelessness. You must stand up and offer your voice as well as your resources. Volunteer yourself to various organizations and advocate ways to assist and end homelessness. I think when everyone takes this initiative; we shall make a great move towards handling homelessness in the United States.

Should you give money to homeless people:

It stands controversial if to give money to homeless people or not. However, I will stand with the fact that giving money to them is not the best choice. By giving them a dollar, it may serve at relieve for a while, but it is not a good solution to tackle homelessness. Indeed through giving homeless people money, it is an economic crisis of the heart. In that, it is a tug of war between the instinct to alleviate suffering and the knowledge that a donation might encourage, rather than relieve, the anguish of the poor.

The best way to do this rather than give the homeless people money is to donate to organizations. These organizations can do more for these homeless people as compared to when you give them money directly. When you choose to donate money to a homeless person in the streets, know that you are only acting to relieve you guilty. But you neither have nor addressed the crisis of homelessness.

In case you feel the urge to give these homeless people begging in the streets do so. Pope Francis recently acknowledged it is fine to give homeless people money, and it should not worry us at all. Pope actually said” the way of giving is the gift. You should not simply drop a bill into the cup and walk away. You are required to stop, look the person in the eyes, and touch his or her hands.”
Other times it is important to take time and listen to what these homeless people want. They may not be in need of your money directly, such that they have other needs. They may ask you for a place to stay; you offer them food rather than money or may be sick want to go to the hospital. Hence take time and talk to the homeless people and get to know what they need.

How does homelessness come about:

There are different reasons, which lead to someone becoming homeless. Inadequate income and lack of affordable housing are the two main leading factors which cause homelessness. Other studies have documented many various ways how homelessness comes about.
What these causes of homelessness indicate is that homeless people are already suffering in life. What they need is your help. Can they focus on seeking help while they are dangerous people?
In one study revealed that a substantial percentage of the US homeless people are individuals who are chronically unemployed or have difficulty managing they’re personal life properly. It is as a result of prolonged and severe drug and or alcohol abuse.


Today, homelessness is a crisis in the United States, and we should join hands towards tackling ending it. Our government is playing a key role to assist them, so what you and I should do not is join in. Let’s not categorize these people as dangerous anymore. They are human let offer them respect and love.

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4 Responses

  1. James, I love this article! It’s a great source of info that really made me examine my initial feelings when I see someone homeless. I think sometimes it’s easier to demonize someone or something that makes us uncomfortable which gives us an out of having to be concerned with situations that are hard to see.

    Only by the grace of GOD am I capable of realizing my blessings aren’t always in the form of “things”, but in the peace and knowledge of HIS promises. We must help our fellow brothers and sisters if for no other reason than the fact of grace that HE has given us.

    1. Josh: The belief that people who are homeless are dangerous could not be further from the truth. It saddens me to think people in our society think that. The truth be told not all homeless citizens are dangerous. However, some may be classified that way because they need medication that they can not afford or have been off of for a long period of time. So a homeless person may just need help. But many don’t know how to ask for help or are to proud to ask for the help they need. For example, the homeless veteran is good example of a homeless individual who might be to proud to ask for help when they need it. But most definitely God’s law says that we should help our brothers and sisters. My hope is that more people get a better understanding through this blog and start helping the homeless community more. And come to an understanding that homeless people are not dangerous. This sub-culture gets a bad rap because many working citizens believe the homeless in their community are dangerous.

      Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to comment on this blog post. Have a Blessed Day! James Carter – Hope you contine to read and comment on my blog.

  2. I in addition to my pals were found to be taknig note of the good helpful tips from your web page then at once I had an awful feeling I had not expressed respect to the web blog owner for those strategies. All of the young boys came certainly very interested to see them and already have quite simply been taknig advantage of those things. Thanks for genuinely very accommodating and also for obtaining varieties of smart useful guides most people are really desirous to learn about. My very own sincere regret for not saying thanks to you sooner. Hedvige Sherman Thurber

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post here. My goals are t0 write from my own personal experiences from being homeless myself. While bringing awareness to the problem of homelessness in America. To provide some kind of guide to those who are homeless or about to be homeless. While sharing what worked for me during that difficult time in my life. I am certainly no expert on homelessness nor do I claim to be. But if the information here on this blog helps just one person then my work on this site has been a huge success.

      Yes some homeless people on the streets and even in shelters can definitely be dangerous. But is wrong to label the whole homeless population as dangerous. When I was homeless I met some very nice homeless citizens. And certainly saw many dangerous homeless people both on the street and in shelters. So just use caution, when around a homeless individual until you know for sure if the person is safe or dangerous to you or others. Not trying to be disrespectful to any homeless people here or out there. Just being open and honest with my comments here.

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment and reading this blog post. I do appreciate it very much. Feel free to share this blog with your friends and others on social media. Please continue to comment on trhis blog and other blog sites. I love to read the comments here. Even if people disagree with what I say. Blessing to you!

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