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Approximately 17 people per 10,000 population are homeless. Of these, 35% are unsheltered and living on the street.

No one believes that being homeless can happen to them until it does.

James Carter

Ongoing hunger, increased risk of mental and physical health problems, lack of affordable housing, substance abuse and addictions, poverty, and social breakdown are homelessness’s harsh realities.

Hi, my name is James Carter, and I was homeless for 9 months after my marriage breakdown.

I remember my lowest point..

.. I had no money, and I hadn’t had a bath or shower in three days. I hadn’t slept and had blisters on my feet from walking the streets.

I survived that frightening time in my life. The people I met, and the inhumanity I witnessed, inspired my work. Today I spend my days helping connect homeless people to the services they need.

Overcoming Homelessness is a blog that tackles homelessness head-on, with thought-provoking questions like: What are the best cities to be homeless? Is it illegal to be homeless? What are the causes of homelessness? Can homeless people get jobs?

An approachable resource for the homeless and their families, Overcoming homelessness, discusses the issues surrounding homelessness, review government-funded organizations, and provides a supportive network for the services needed to end homelessness.

James Carter is the founder of Overcoming Homelessness. A talented creative writer and sports enthusiast, James wrote for his college and community newspaper. Although James endured a challenging childhood with countless surgeries, he refuses to be defined by his disability for his Cerebral Palsy. James shares his journey to provide hope and support to others. Having survived Homelessness, James spends his time helping the homeless transition back into society, and brings awareness to homelessness in America.

Some of you have lost trust in the system, but I am here to show you how the system can work.

This is how it can help:

The only cost to you is your time and commitment. I won’t give up on you, but you need to come with the right attitude and mindset, ready to receive help.

You can let being homeless define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.

The services are here for you when you are ready for help. No one will force you off the street or fix your life for you, but if you want support, it is available. Resources include a network of connections for transitional services, food, warm showers, and help finding affordable housing.

New opportunities and friendships are available. Overcoming Homelessness can help you get off the street and transition back to a place you call home. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from getting help.

I was fortunate to have overcome my homelessness with the help and support of community resources and a caring network of friends. I am here to offer you that same support.

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