James Carter brings a high level of compassion and commitment in all his endeavors. A talented creative writer from his college days, he was involved with his college newspaper and contributed to a community newspaper as a Sports Stringer. Having faced many struggles of growing up, he fully understands what it means to be homeless and hungry. James was homeless in Pensacola, Florida for a little over nine months living on the streets and sleeping in various places including a shelter. His philanthropic nature can be said to be from these experiences.

Blogger, content writer, sports enthusiast James derives great fulfillment in spreading love, helping people, and giving back to communities. His blog, “Overcoming Homelessness – Its Choices, Actions, Results, is an indispensable resource to take homeless people off the streets. James’ goal is to alleviate homeless people in the U.S. giving them a place to call home both regarding space and also in their hearts.

He has made his priority to guide them to helpful community transitional resources transitioning them back into regular society.

James lives his life at the service of others and enjoys investing his time and efforts in bettering the lives of others. Regardless of their position in society, he can communicate with them, seemingly understand their needs, and also seek solutions for them.  James remains an embodiment of vitality to the homeless people on the streets. James holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington.

From the time before I was born, it seemed like the challenges in my life was aligning and conspiring against me.

Born with cerebral palsy, I faced a lot of personal difficulties throughout adolescence. It seemed to me like that was just the way life went: as soon as I got past one challenge, a new one popped up. Discouragement was a part of my everyday being, so by the time I was a sophomore in high school and I learned I had dyslexia,

I thought to myself One more thing. That could limit my options? Cerebral palsy, dyslexia, that afternoon I spent wondering if any of it would ever get any better. But soon realizing I am the only person who could limit myself.

I have undergone twenty-one different surgeries on my left leg, two surgeries on my eye before I ever celebrated my second birthday and orthopedic knee surgery during college. There are some surgeries that I can hardly remember. I suspect that I may have lost count, missed at least a couple. At some point, they all started to blend together.

Surgery was just another part of my life, like brushing my teeth or making myself breakfast – or like people calling me names and making fun of me. My disabilities, however, do not define me, and I don’t want anyone’s pity. What I want is to share my stories and my experiences.

The hospital often felt like a second home to me. Thinking about that now, I don’t know whether I should chuckle or shed a tear, but it’s the truth. I learned to manage my pain, both physical and emotional, and I learned how to cultivate faith within myself.

Turning to God, I came to trust the path that was before me. I came to adjust as a matter of course, expecting challenges but also looking forward to the respite that I could find between them.

My name is James Carter, and I am here to tell you that it did get better.

Raised in a middle-class American family, I knew that there were a lot of opportunities available to me. There was nothing preventing me from living out all my dreams. I was the only one who could decide not to do what I wanted to do.

Whatever anyone said to me, whatever insults they threw my way, and whatever new challenges popped up, it was always up to me to decide how I would respond.

I developed a process that has served me well in all areas of my life, and it started with setting measurable results, goals that I could point myself at and then follow through toward. One of my first big goals was to earn my college degree – and I did that, graduating with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts from Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington, on December 1987.

I focused on public relations and sports journalism, and even today, I dream of attending the University of Florida and studying sports journalism so that I can become a sports journalist. I long to take in the games and then write what I see, to put the tales of the fields and the arenas down into words that others can read.

James Carter – Hard at work before his blog launch Septtember, 26, 2019. He was creating blog posts for the roll out date – Photo Credited Ms. Evelyn Harman.

As a niche blogger, I got my start in October 2012, launching a WordPress site (thanks Rick Woodall!) and putting out some of my first work. This was another goal that I set for myself, to get into blogging, becoming aware of the field while I was doing my undergraduate work as a Public Relations major.

During a lower-level communications course, I started a blog as part of a class assignment – on Blogger – and never looked back. I did my research, figuring out the advantages and disadvantages of each blogging platform, until I settled on WordPress, on which I run the blog you are reading now.

I have written about a range of topics. Early on, blogging was something fun to do in my free time, and I published my first WordPress post under the pen name Jame Wilson.

I was finally saved from the homeless lifestyle by the generosity and grace a good friend Evelyn Harman in Denton, Texas, who offered me a room for rent in her home and helped me get back on my feet. Today, I’m utilizing community resources in North Texas living in my own apartment. I collect a small disability check every month and work part-time now to keep at peppermint roof over my head. As I now control my own destiny as I travel down the path of life.

Excited to learn what God has in store for me in the next chapter of my life. Despite what I’ve been through, I still look for the good in people who cross my path in life and hope to help those who face similar difficulties.

This blog allows me to do that while also nurturing my passion for writing. I live my life on a simple but powerful motto” if you believe it, you can achieve it.” Every goal I have set, I have reminded myself of this motto and found power from within. A huge fan of Albert Einstein, I also like his quote “Doing the same thing, the same way, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

Let’s all engage now and make a difference in the life of a homeless person today! Have a Blessed Day! – James Carter Founder and Content Writer.

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