Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from getting help.

You can let homelessness define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.


Overcoming Homelessness

Overcoming Homelessness is a blog that tackles homelessness head-on, with thought-provoking questions like: What are the best cities to be homeless? Is it illegal to be homeless? What are the causes of homelessness? Can homeless people get jobs?

An approachable resource for the homeless and their families, Overcoming Homelessness, discusses the issues surrounding homelessness, reviews government-funded organizations, and provides a supportive network for the services needed to end homelessness.

Some of you have lost trust in the system, but I am here to show you how the system can work.

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Blogging Journey
James Story

James’ Story

My story is filled with broken pieces, horrible choices, and ugly truths. it’s also filled with many tremendous comebacks, peace in my soul has saved

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Behind the blog

Meet James Carter

James Carter brings a high level of compassion and commitment in all his endeavors. A talented creative writer from his college days, he was involved with his college newspaper and contributed to a community newspaper as a Sports Stringer. Having faced many struggles of growing up, he fully understands what it means to be homeless and hungry. James was homeless in Pensacola, Florida for a little over nine months living on the streets and sleeping in various places including a shelter. His philanthropic nature can be said to be from these experiences.

James’ goal is to alleviate homeless people in the U.S. giving them a place to call home both regarding space and also in their hearts. He has made his priority to guide them to helpful community transitional resources transitioning them back into regular society.